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WEIZHI PRECISION HI-END series of products were developed by a team under the leadership of Chief Engineer Henry Wang, who graduated from the Imperial College - MSC in mechanical engineering in the U.K. and is known for his outstanding achievements in mechanical material and structural design. With him devoting his specialty in the stereo field, music lovers are ensured with even higher quality listening enjoyment.

WEIZHI PRECISION, on top of its basic equipment, can process ordinary turning, milling, drilling, grinding, and is equipped with the CNC machining center. From R&D and design, CAD/CAM graphics, 3D simulated test, to materials purchase, precision processing, sound adjustment, pure manual surface polishing treatment and final quality control, the whole production flow was done in the WEIZHI plant without any outsourcing. It is our belief that only this way we can precisely control perfect production quality and excellent performance.

WEIZHI PRECISION, whose unique design has been recognized as art, is worth being collected by a person with extraordinary taste like you. Once you have one of the WEIZHI PRECISION products, you will find that you have accidentally added one more perfect artistic masterpiece besides the wonderful music it plays.

graphite product is a kind of German compound graphite material specially selected by Mr. Henry.

This unique material can efficiently restrain the vibration generated from equipments. We use our graphite products with high-precision computerized CNC production process and hand-finished by polishing, to keep the accuracy of all the products.

Introduction of Graphite Cushion:

Graphite cushions can be used as cushions on the bottom of all kinds of broadcasting equipment, such as CDs, microphones, and speakers. It can produce extraordinary effects, because the special material of compound graphite can efficiently reduce the disturbance generated from mid/low-frequency and vibration generated by machine, and helps to recover the original clearance and transparency sound of the equipments.

The loading weight of our graphite material is 100kg per square centimeters. Basically, the amplifiers and speakers on the market are no heavier than 200 ~ 300kg, our products can work well with them.