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 ALL : Ultrathin Carbon Fiber CD-MAT
Ultrathin Carbon Fiber CD-MAT
Ultrathin Carbon Fiber CD-MAT
Ultrathin Carbon Fiber CD-MAT
Ultrathin Carbon Fiber CD-MAT
Ultrathin Carbon Fiber CD-MAT

WEIZHI PRECISION 0.3mm Ultrathin Carbon Fiber CD-MAT are specially made by Japan top level Carbon Fiber with sophisticated manufacturing skills.

Introduction to Ultrathin Carbon Fiber CD-MAT:

Today's CD and DVD disk is to record digital signals on a super thin layer of metal films. With Nano technology, this metal film is joined into the other layer of resin-carbonate reflecting thin layer. The two layers are supposed to be connected tightly, however, in the real producing process; there will be a tiny space between the two layers. It will therefore cause un-necessary scattering and reflection of lacer. Especially when the shading layer for most CD and DVD nowadays are poor at shading effects, transmittance is fairly high. If we put a CD or DVD under light, the better the transmittance shows, the poorer the shading layer's performer is. Let's imagine the read laser emitted from the laser head as 100%, theoretically, complete signal must be100% reflection. If there is 10% - 30% of read laser penetrating through the shading layer, then it is not too hard to imagine that the reflect signal is incomplete.

Where did the other laser go? Gone? Of course not. It will remain in the CD, scattering and reflecting randomly, until its energy is gone. Because of the above reasons, it has caused the inaccuracy of the laser head to read the digital signals, and eventually defect the sounding and image quality.

WEIZHI PRECISION Ultrathin Carbon Fiber CD-MAT is the best solution to improve this situation. The Carbon Fiber CD-MAT can help the laser head read the original digital signals precisely and perfectly. It can prevent the production of scattering and reflection, and also form a great shading layer in high speed spinning. You will find Carbon Fiber CD-MAT takes away the hackly music backgrounds and burry noise! The background becomes quieter, darker, and the sound field is comparatively more focus. This kind of improvement is of total frequency band. Using our Carbon Fiber CD-MAT, the improvement is no less than spending money on new power cables, signal wires, or tubes, etc.. It even makes you feel like upgrading your sound system!

Φ:120 x H:0.3mm

List Price :
1pcs / box USD115.00

1pcs / box